April 28, 2018

3 days in a row!

To bed at 11 pm three days in a row!  Go me!  And I naturally wake up at 7 am.  I haven’t had 3 days of good sleep in a row in ages, Lord.  Thank You!  I thank you for helping me to figure out a sleep schedule that works for me.

I thank You also for giving me the strength to not play the game or talk on the IM app much.  I am not playing the game at all, right now.  And I am only talking on the IM app to Mr. B sporadically.  And I sign off of there by 10 pm each night.  It has made all the difference!

I also want to thank You for an amazing God-incidence.  (Not a coincidence)  Yesterday morning I happened to look at my bank account.  I just deposited some money in my account and had tried to make a purchase that wouldn’t go through.  Well, an automatic annual payment had dropped.  I thought I had cancelled all of the automatic payments from that company.  Anyways, it was almost as much as what I had deposited so I was going to have no money for food or anything else until I got paid on Monday.

I was kind of freaking out.  I really don’t like have so little money in my bank account.  I started crying out to You to help me calm down.  When I suddenly remembered that a friend of mine had dropped off a get well card the day before.  Due to food allergies she could not make me dinners to freeze, so she had given me a gift card to Publix grocery store.  A $100 gift card which was exactly what I needed to help me get through until I get paid.  Since I can only eat protein at the moment, my food bill tends to be a bit pricey.  But I never eat out at all so I am sure it evens itself out with other people’s bills.

Anyways, I am sitting there on my bed praying to calm down.  When You calmly remind me of this Publix gift card.  And I realize that You were already one step ahead of me…per usual!  Thank You Lord for knowing what my needs would be even before I would know I needed them!

Also, I am excited that my friend Ms. S is coming for an unexpected visit this weekend.  I am saddened by her reason for the visit, but glad that she could fit us into her flight home.

Ms. S’s brother was murdered last Friday.  Yes, I said murdered!  I got an email from her on Wednesday asking if I had seen the text she sent me.  I said I had not and she sent me this email back:

…we have had a family tragedy that I wanted to let you know about.  J was killed by an acquaintance of his at his house late Friday night.  The guy was out of his mind on crystal meth and hallucinating.  He said he was seeing demons everywhere and shot J twice because he said he saw demons.  My mom found him the next morning.  The guy has been arrested.  It is a major shock.

At the bottom of the email was a link to the newspaper article about the shooting.  The police declared it as a homicide.

Being an only child, I can’t even fathom the heartache she must be feeling.  I know how devastated I would be if that happened to one of my friends.  I can’t even imagine the depth of pain that comes when it is a family member.  Especially, your younger brother.

As soon as I read that I called her and left a message telling her that she had to come stay with us.  That she need to come get some dog love and human love asap.  And once again, Lord, You were already one step ahead of us.

A friend of her dad’s had given her frequent flyer miles for a free flight.  Her return flight just happen to have a lay over in my city.  (Can you say God-incidence) So she extended the layover for two days.  She was able to cancel her hotel room and she will come stay with us!  I am so glad she will be able to come get some love and prayers!  Oh and Mr. J’s famous pot roast!

I feel horrible for the reason of her visit, but it will be nice to see her.  She lives far away and I have been able to see her twice since the beginning of the year.  Thank You, Lord, for that!

God Stop:  Lord, please help me to love Ms. S well this weekend.  Let me know when to listen and when to speak.  May my words be Your words.  Please fill me with Your words and Love to share with her.

Thank You for all the God-incidences that happened this week.  It was a great reminder that You are always one step ahead of us.  These two situations show how You take care of us in the mundane and in the tragedies of life.  Thank You.


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